The Beats Generation

by Buddha Bomb

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I created The Beats Generation for a Music Production Class in Logic that I recently took from the Berklee School of Music. All sounds were created in Logic, using the built-in instruments, the one exception being voice samples borrowed from Jack Keroauc's reading of his work titled "The Beat Generation". For the class I mastered the track using the built-in Logic tools, with post-production mastering done using Ozone. I love all forms of electronic music, which is why you will find different rhythms throughout the track. I used dubstep-influenced rhythms near the beginning of the track which evolved into a straight beat. As soon as I catch my breath, I plan to make a psytrance remix of the track.


"It's the Beat Generation. It's the Beat to Keep. It's the Beat of the Heart. It's being Beat. It's Be-At. It's Be-At. It's the Beat Generation." -Jack Keroauc


released July 20, 2010



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